Local Lady looks to inspire and mentor business owners

The past few years have seen a rise in influential Women across many walks of life, be it for their selfless charity work, their commitment to business or just their natural ability to motivate and inspire.
When you meet Emma Wakefield you instantly learn that she is a Lady that comfortably fits into this group. With ten years of experience in the beauty industry it is now, she feels, the time to share that experience with others.
Setting up her business, “Her Beauty Empire” with the aim of empowering others within the trade to develop themselves on a personal and business level. Emma now passes on advice, guidance and expert tuition to a variety of aspiring businesswomen though 1:1 mentoring, online courses and The Clique membership
Citing both her Father and Brother as the biggest inspirations on her life she knew that to achieve the success she wanted for herself and others that she needed to look back to her past to give herself a better future, “My Dad is just the biggest inspiration, he always put us before himself, no matter what, we had next to no money but it didn’t matter, the love and support he constantly gave us means he is my real life superhero. “
Being  a single parent to an autistic son also presented challenges that Emma felt initially unprepared for but, “It made motherhood a lot harder at first and made the creation of a meaningful relationship a challenge, I started to feel very depressed, and had no confidence and then one day I just thought.  There had to be a better way.”
Signing up to training courses, burying her head in countless books and investing in a 1:1 mentor was when the answers started to come, “I had the choice to be happy, and confident, my past did not equal my future, I could rewrite my story.” This new found motivation led to a much improved relationship with her Son, and a new chapter in her career
After studying beauty therapy when her Son was just a baby,  Emma found herself headhunted to work in a luxury salon, unfortunately the hours required wouldn’t allow her the time she needed to give to the new little Man in her life.  So, she swapped the nail varnish for the petrol and spent 6 years working in a garage.  Whilst enjoying it, it wasn’t what she had seen her future being so set herself up as a nail technician, quickly building up a huge portfolio of customers and finally becoming the success that she knew, and her Dad knew was always possible.
Fast forward to 2018 and the passion, was stronger than ever, Emma had realised that the beauty industry was a huge one with many businesses faltering  before they had even got started, she had seen talented people try to set up on their own with plenty of hope but unfortunately no understanding of running a business, and it is from this that “Her Beauty Empire” was born, the courses, the books and the experience were now going to be put to use to help these other aspiring business owners make a success of themselves, “Lots of wonderful people, with fantastic talents are offering incredible services yet have empty booking sheets, or see very little profit for all the tremendous effort they put in.  The aim is to change that. You can become a member of The Clique where every month you have access to a new masterclass from a guest expert, we hold live mentoring Q&A’s, downloadable workbooks and social media graphics. We help you discover how to gain and maintain clients, learn about marketing, branding, mindset and more.  Every tool you may need for your business success is right there for you, along with a growing supportive community.
And its working,  the testimonials she receives speak volumes and are a perfect endorsement for what Emma is achieving with one member stating, “Emma has been my business mentor for 4months and has helped me so much with moving things forward for me. Ill be opening my own salon in June. I cant recommend her mentoring enough.”
So maybe its apt to leave the final word to Emma herself, this has been a lifelong journey of discovery, education and hardwork, where does it go next , “I’m just committed to becoming the best version of myself and inspiring and empowering others to do the same. “

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