‘Devil’s Drum Productions’ will tour a new play in the spring of 2019. The production company will perform 21 shows at 17 theatres in the south of England with a cast of seven.

Unusually for a Sherlockian drama, this new story centres on Dr John Watson and not the great detective. In the drama Watson has a personal mystery to solve but without the help of his retired friend Sherlock Holmes. Although Holmes does appear quite a lot in the play, he has now taken to the South Downs and has started a new career as a Beekeeper.

Watson discovers that his late wife Mary Morstan may have passed in circumstances that were not as originally thought and that other aspects of her life may not have been as they seemed! With the help and support of old acquaintances such as Inspector Lestrade and Mrs Hudson, Watson uses his retired friend’s old deductive techniques to try and solve the mystery for himself. The story twists and turns and takes Watson from Baker Street to clandestine meetings across foggy London and to a séance.

Performance: Friday 7 Jun , 7:30pm, The Capitol Theatre, Horsham. Tickets: Available from The Capitol Box Office: 01403-750220 or online: www.thecapitolhorsham.com

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