Hot Stepping their way to £9k for Charity

Bank holiday Monday saw 53 brave people sure foot it over a bed of hot coals with temperatures of around 500°C, raising nearly £10k for Charity Myeloma UK.


A team of four, rallied together to organise the event and show support for their close friend/family member Natasha Westall, who, after being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma back in the Summer of 2017, and enduring several rounds of chemotherapy and a brutal course of radiotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant, was left feeling very low mentally and physically weak. Whilst in Southampton’s cancer treatment unit, and questioning herself as to whether she had made the right choice about the treatment, Natasha and her Sister in Law, Sarah, had a conversation along the lines of:  Sarah: “Of course I don’t mind driving an hour and half to see you!! If it were me in hospital battling Cancer and asking that question, what would you say!??” To which Natasha replied: “I’d walk on hot coals for you!!” And there you have it! The light bulb moment arose!
Sarah, main organiser of the event, said: “Not in a million years did I ever imagine we could raise near on £10,000! On the day, I could see the online ‘Just-giving’ page total skipping up, as pictures were being posted on social media, and when I saw the sea of people that had arrived to watch as we came out of the Primary school hall in Shipley, where we had more mental preparation rather than training, I knew it was going to be a good day, and dared to believe we could reach £7k, but to be £100 shy of £10,000! That’s phenomenal!” The hot coals walk itself for me was fine; it was the broken glass walking they sprung on us in training that scared me beyond belief. But I focused on why I was there, and took the steps needed, (Gingerly in the case of the broken glass!), to cross a  path that was more a mind over matter, rather than skill, as we learnt from the specialist fire walking company  ‘Firewalking International’ that day!The fire walking event not only raised a breath taking amount for Myeloma UK, who support those affected by ‘Multiple Myeloma’ (an incurable terminal illness that attacks your body’s immune system) and research into treatment, but also other charities, such as The Rocking horse Appeal and British Heart foundation by people who took part to raise money and awareness for their own personal causes.

Lastly, none of this would have happened without #TeamTash, (Mike, Zoe, Natalie and Sarah) the support of Mrs Harvey, School Principle, who let us use the school grounds for free for the event, Sponsorship from businesses such as Dark Star Brewery, Cabin Pressure Spirits, Richard Killner Bespoke Woodwork, Meadow Arts face painting, help and support from numerous friends and family who gave up their time for the event, and all those who donated!

A HUGE Thank you!

Sarah Cuthbertson

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