Horsham jeweller shares wealth of knowledge

Step into Sakakini in Horsham and not only will you find a vast array of high quality jewellery,  you are likely to also be instantly greeted by one of the town’s most charismatic business owners, Dominic Sakakini.
With a wealth of experience in the trade behind him Dominic has one simple aim, to bring the public quality diamonds at wholesale prices.  With the ability to pass on sound advice, help you find a bargain and restore Family heirlooms, he has made Sakakini the first place to go when considering high quality diamonds and jewellery
It is with that knowledge and experience that Dominic now brings his skills to you at a special event held on May 16th at The Anchor Hotel. Speaking with him, he tells The District Post, “This event is there to help you turn your boot sale bargains into serious cash. We have all been at boot sales, found something relatively cheap and been quite impressed with our discovery, we have all found that item in the loft and then thrown it away or sold it on cheaply, with this event I am passing on how you can turn unloved items or a cheap purchase into a great profit.”
With two shows scheduled, one at 11am-2pm and the other at 6pm-9pm demand is starting to increase and Dominic is keen to see people attend, “This event guarantees to give you all the knowledge you need to find a bargain, we can teach hall marking, we can teach stone inspection and so much more.”
“An example, there was an old man that had his story featured on The Antiques Roadshow, he passed away, after living a very simple life but accrued a fair bit of debt and never fully got to enjoy life.  The only thing he had that could potentially have any value was a ring from his Mother yet he had no idea, he just saw it as a ring. When he passed, it got valued and was priced at £1million!”
I’m taken aback by this claim but it turns out to be genuine, another great example being closer to home ”After doing one of my courses a person purchased a ring from a charity shop for £50, they then bought it into me and had it valued at £7000. It now sits in our window on sale!”
We continue to chat and you can see this is an industry he not only knows but is deeply passionate about, reeling of an array of facts, stories and tips you get the impression that diamonds  are to Mr Sakakini what sweets are to a young Child. Priceless, enjoyable and worth investing in.
“Over the past 5 years diamonds have provided annual returns of roughly 12% and forecasters are predicting an annual increase this year of anywhere between 10 and 50%”
Some people aren’t looking for investments through , some just want to find something that can become an heirloom or signify something special, “Everything we have ever been given has some kind of meaning behind it, but jewellery tells a story, with jewellery we are dealing with emotions.” He says.
An interesting part of the Sakakini business is that most of his custom now comes from bespoke orders, “We are like your personal shoppers, you can ask me to source something,  create something or alter something and we will endeavour to do it so your item is unique to you. I can promise you there is no compromise on giving you exactly what you want.
So there you have it, from the expert himself. Diamonds really can be anyone’s best Friend.
 You can join Dominic at his show by booking tickets via the store. Simply call him on (01403 250500) or pay him a visit.

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