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Get your heart racing for Fix A Date Friday in Horsham

The heart of Horsham should see extra love in the air on 21 June, when Brighton-based Love Doctor Monti aims to play Cupid with one of his Fix A Date Fridays events – and those with tickets can bring a friend for free.
Flirting in bars is commonplace around the world, but his formula is designed to take out the embarrassment of asking for phone numbers – or turning down requests.

He sells a limited number of £15 tickets to four groups of overlapping ages who initially meet up in separate bars, and over the course of the evening, like love itself, they finally merge into one.

The Sussex singletons in Horsham will even get bought a drink by host/organiser Love Doctor Monti in the last of three bars visited during the event.

If they like each other romantically, they have 24 hours to text the host their name and the name of the person that they would like a date with. Love Doctor Monti then arranges dates without revealing any phone numbers to the participants, and so makes life easy for singletons.

Brighton & Hove-based Monti, aka Neil-Monticelli Harley-Rüdd, has been teaching the art of finding love and romance since his teenage years, in countries as far as Japan and Jamaica. In 2014, he set up his successful RightFlirt brand, which has since helped over 1,800 singles find a date through various events and holidays: “RightFlirt.club events mean that you invest less time in trying to find romance online and have more fun looking for love in person.

“One night of flirting fun, around 45 minutes in each of the three different bars, and lots of new faces for dating face-to-face is how I hope new romances will continue to blossom like they did at my past Fix A Date in Gunwharf Quays in March.

“In each bar, there are no potentially uncomfortable one to one situations, but always a group, so that singles are meeting organically.

“The art of conversation is alive for romance, not just reliant on photoshopped phone images and tacky messages.

“We help to try to create a relaxed ambience, with no pressure that you must date the person you are talking to.”

With Fix A Date Fridays, even if you don’t find your dream lady or gentleman, at least you get to chance to meet like-minded singletons.

The bars should be buzzing in Horsham, but will the hearts be pumping on that Friday night in June?
To learn more, please visit: www.RightFlirt.club or follow Love Doctor Monti on Twitter @lovedoctormonti and Facebook @lovedoctormonti

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