Bluecoat Sports Holding Public Consultation Regarding Expansion Plans

Bluecoats Expansion Plans

Local health and fitness club, Bluecoat Sports, are delighted to announce that following a major review of their 2018 expansion project, they have revised their plans for their proposed indoor and outdoor fitness facility expansion.

Public consultation

The project team behind the proposed expansion, including the team from Bluecoat Sports, the architects and the planning consultant, will be holding a public consultation to give members of the local Horsham community the opportunity to find out more about the development plans, and ask any questions they may have; giving the general public the opportunity to have their say.

The consultation will be running on 21st and 22nd May from 6:30pm – 8:30pm at the Bluecoat Sports Café. Here, there will be displays of the project, CGI imagery of what the proposed expansion will look like and comparisons between the original and revised plans.

The revised plans have changes based on community feedback and includes adjustments to help reduce lighting, noise pollution and to improve the landscaping of the area.

Community feedback

Bluecoat Sports are inviting all members of the local community to come along to their public consultation and give their feedback on the proposed expansion plans.

Based on the comments received at the two consultation days, the project team will review the plans to ensure that they are creating the right fitness facilities for the Horsham community.

Impact on Christ’s Hospital School

The new fitness facilities will not only be able to benefit the local community, they will also be used by the students at Christ’s Hospital School.

Furthermore, with all of Bluecoat Sports profits going back into the school itself, these new facilities will open up further opportunities for grants and bursaries for students across the country hoping to attend the school.

To find out more about the project and the public consultation, visit the Bluecoat Sports website at

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