Charity Set4Success bowled over by Horsham businesses

Tuesday April 9th saw a hugely successful charity bowling event take place at The Rec in Horsham, with 21 teams from a variety of local businesses taking part.

Organised by The Rotary Club of Horsham to raise money for local charity Set 4 Success it was an evening full of strikes, spares, gutter balls and splits that saw £500 raised for the charity.

Whilst many bowlers enjoyed the great menu options provided by the new diner at The Rec, others were quick to head to the bar, perhaps needing some Dutch courage before entering the tense,  hostile atmosphere of competitive bowling.

We were soon underway and it was clear that this was going to be a night of fun rather than a competition to see who wins. That being said, Ben Hewson patrolled the lanes with his laptop entering scores as the games finished.  The competitive element was now beginning to show, although maybe that was just in my head, being a former league bowler I felt I had a point to prove and was quite satisfied to hit a 202 in  my first game.

The drinks flowed and the food constantly served, the second game came round fast and at this stage it was between us, and IMPACT for the top spot. We weren’t particularly confident but the offer from Graham, a co-owner of The Rec to give a free night out to the first team to hit 4 strikes in a row certainly raised the level of intensity,  sadly for us the strikes didn’t come but it didn’t matter. It was a brilliant evening with two prime objectives of raising money and having fun achieved.

Once Ben had entered the final scores we saw that IMPACT were crowned deserved winners. The Jannels Family using their years of bowling experience to rack up some consistent scores.

The District Post came a surprise second. Davey helping secure it with his combined 2 game score of 130.

Third place went to Gutterly Ridiculous from Kreston Reeves.

Ben then announced the ‘Best bowler’ award which went to me! I felt this award somewhat unfair though due to me having bowled for 15 years so rather than accept it, I offered to donate it. Jason Hayes from Durrants duly accepted it from us and made a donation to a local charity in order to receive the prize.Excellent work from those involved with organising the event and we pass our thanks from all that took part, onto The Rotary Club of Horsham,  Set 4 Success and The Rec.

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