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Captured by Light

A unique event is taking place this weekend (13 April). Never before, in over 150 years of existence, have photographers from both ends of Horsham District worked together, let alone created a gallery of over 80 photographs celebrating the culture of the District. Yet, inspired by the Horsham District Year of Culture, members of the Horsham Photographic Society and Steyning Camera Club have spent over 365 days in all weathers, capturing by light, remarkable images that portray the district’s amazing cultural life. Horsham Museum and Art Gallery are delighted to be able to showcase their work. Because there are so many brilliant pictures, half way through the three month long run there will be a complete refresh with new photographs being displayed. The second display will open on 24 May.
Photography came to Horsham District around 1855 and, ever since then, it has been part of the district’s cultural life, as it has both recorded culture and been part of it. As part of the new temporary exhibition at Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum and Art Gallery, the exhibition shows photography in the district has been led by amateurs, with the professional photographer on their heels. On display will be some early examples of their work, including that of a Horsham photographic inventor. However, the focus of the exhibition are the non-professional photographers, the Club/Society members whose love of the medium shines out in the stunning prints of the district.
It would be invidious to select some highlights, as every image on display deserves to be there, either through technical merit or through capturing that special image; be it reflection from a dashboard; to shop windows; to sportsmen, musicians, dancers, artists, natural world-decaying and restoring, to nature controlled to dressing for the occasion, through to images of reportage  even images of loss and of sheer determination and applause.
The exhibition is an amazing celebration that deserved to have a permanent record of the unique occasion. As part of the Year of Culture, Horsham Museum have published a fully illustrated book that not only includes every photograph displayed in the exhibition, but also gives a background to the history of the culture of photography in the District, focusing on its early days. Captured by Light: a photographic gallery of Horsham District’s cultural life is priced at £13.95, available now in the museum shop.
Captured by Light opens on 13 April 2019 and runs through until 6 July. Free admission.

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