Billingshurst Macmillan Group

The United Reformed Church, Billingshurst, hosted one of a series of Lent lunches last Friday. Pictured with Terri (from Billingshurst Macmillan) are the “willing” volunteers, from left to right: Jean Wilmer, Brenda Homden, Meredith Mason and Jane Matthews. With catering for nearly 40 people from different churches in Billingshurst. After lunch, Terri gave a very informative talk on the good work of Macmillan and how they raise funds.
A representative of the group said: “We were delighted to assist in this. An amazing £225 was raised going direct to Macmillan.”
The lent lunches are hosted by St Gabriels, St Mary’s and Trinity United Reformed Church and each supports a different charity. For any further details about the church, please contact Brenda Homden, the Church Secretary on 01403 784719. Or for Macmillan, Terri Ashpool on 01403 588996

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