Scholarships for Exceptional Weald Students

The Weald School and Sixth Form College recently introduced scholarships for its exceptional students. The main objectives for the scholarships were for businesses in the local community to engage and build a profile with Weald Sixth Form students, parents and staff; to provide the funds for additional learning in order to achieve the best outcomes for post-16 study and beyond, and to ensure that no Weald Sixth Form student is deprived of any opportunity to prepare her/his self for life, regardless of background.
Some of the ways students may choose to use the funds from a scholarship:
· Additional resources to supplement learning
· Visits to universities for super-curricular courses
· Educational research away from home
Six Year 12 students were nominated for the scholarships: Tom Eady, Dom Sayers, Riya Daffu, Sophie Belle Carnell, Rebecca Tanner and Hannah Ashby.
Well done to all students who were nominated and huge congratulations to Tom and Dom who were chosen as winners of the scholarships, sponsored by The Billingshurst Rotary Club and The Billingshurst Lions Club. They will be sponsored £750 per annum to support their studies and opportunities beyond the classroom. The college holds all funds and the students will write a bid for any money they wish to withdraw.

A school representative said: “We wish Tom and Dom the best of luck with their studies. Thank you to all who were involved in initiating the scholarship programme.”

Andrew Vial Billingshurst Lions – with student Thomas Eady

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