Fair Maidens and Valliant Knights for Valentine’s Day

Mediaeval romance and all it entails is many a woman’s dream come true, with the men winning hearts as dashing heroes.  This bygone era where fair ladies were held in high regard and treated with reverence, also idealised chivalry, and the noble hero-knight as he battled with valour and astounding bravery to impress and catch the eye of his heart’s desire.


This special Valentine’s day brings the opportunity for everyone to turn the romance of courtly love, in to a reality, as the Loxwood Joust’s discounted advance tickets launch.


Dashing male heroes can enrol in knight school and show off their prowess as they swing mediaeval swords, and learn the basics of handling a sword and buckler in combat.  For fairer hands, ladies and young maidens may craft beautiful chainmail bracelets and rings to adorn their shapely limbs.


And for those looking to celebrate their love through a full bespoke wedding, a vow renewal, a ‘year and a day’ betrothal or a ring blessing; you can give your loved one a promise in a true pagan ceremony, as you make a commitment for life or “as long as love shall last.”


So if you would like to celebrate your love in the magical Loxwood Meadows and have a special day out like no other, early bird Loxwood Joust tickets are available from February 14th and may be purchased via the website

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