The Circus of Horrors returns to The Hawth this March with a brand new show. In 1995, The Circus of Horrors started at Glastonbuy Festival; Little did organisers realise the show would still be running 25 years later, yet here they are still touring all over the world and receiving rave reviews.
2018 alone saw the Circus of Horrors tour Poland, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Holland  and the UK, in addition to appearances at major festivals, including Download. October turned out to be a magnificent month, when four different shows operated in different locations across the globe; one in Italy, one in Germany, a further one touring UK theatres and the fourth at Tulley’s Farm Shocktober Fest, meaning 90,000 people enjoyed the circus in that month alone.
For those who don’t know what to expect, imagine a fangtastic Rock Show with amazing light effects and set, combined with an amalgamation of bizarre, daredevil and astounding circus acts, all accompanied by a rock ‘n’ roll soundscape. If Quentin Tarantino had directed Cirque Due Soleil, then you would be only half way there!
Come along and experience the likes of sword swallowers, ‘hairculian’ women swinging around the auditorium from their hair, demon dwarfs, a strong man, whirlwind acrobats, flaming limbo, sensational aerialists, knife throwing, cross and long bow-wielding Bond-like divas, twisted contortion and lots, lots more in this rollercoaster of a show!
Performance: Monday 4 March 7.30pm, The Hawth Crawley. Tickets: £25 (Discounts: £22), available from The Hawth Box Office: 01293 553636 and online: www.hawth.co.uk

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