Rudgwick Scouts Co-op Local Cause Fund

It was a day of pancakes and biscuits for 1st Rudgwick Scouts as they recently thanked their local community for supporting them as their local chosen charity, as part of the Co-op Local Community Fund Cause.
Up and down the country, on Saturday 24 November, a total of £19million was given to local community causes as part of the Co-op’s Payout Celebration Day. By simply choosing a local cause, 1% from the sale of Co-op branded products and services purchased by a Co-op member would go to their local chosen cause.
Co-op Regional Manager for the South, Mark, said: “I have been so humbled to have spoken with colleagues, and local causes, to gain a better appreciation of where the Co-op support goes and how many people are impacted by that support”.
Receiving £4,189.27 from the Co-op Local Community Fund Cause, Rudgwick Scouts will use the funds towards making the front of the Scout Hut vehicle and pedestrian friendly, a benefit for the Rudgwick Community.
Chair of 1st Rudgwick Scouts, Mr. Mark Adorian, said: “We would not have achieved this amount without the continued support from the Rudgwick community or indeed from the support of our local Rudgwick Co-op store, so on behalf of Rudgwick Scouts, we simply say Thank You.
“The Rudgwick Scout Hut is an important venue in our village. It is used by local community groups and is also home to the Rudgwick Pre-School, so being able to provide easier access to the hut will be a great advantage to all users”.
Rudgwick Co-op Manager, Heather, said: “It was just fantastic to have been part of the Celebration Day and to have been involved in helping a local cause, Rudgwick Scouts, raise the funds required for their project.  It’s good to give something back and makes you feel part of something, part of the community”.
As a way of saying thank you and showing their appreciation on the day, Scouts gave members of the public Scout made pancakes and biscuits. Pancake guru’s Grace and Syrie were whipping up a pancake storm, and even presented store manager Heather with the Co-op name made from pancakes.
“It was incredible to see how many people had chosen 1st Rudgwick Scouts as their local cause through the Co-op’s Local Community Fund.  It was great for Scouts to give our thanks to the Rudgwick community and to display and talk about some of the activities we do in Scouts” – Grace, aged 11.
Article and photographs by Di Toms, 1st Rudgwick Scouts

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