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Doing it differently this year

Like most Horsham residents, you probably have some new years resolutions this year and, although it’s a giant cliché, they are likely to involve doing more exercise or being more active. But for those of us that don’t fancy the traditional gym route and come out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of going for a run, what else is there?
At The Bridge Leisure Centre they are offering something a little different this year. Climb Fit brings together all the fun of the climbing arena with aspects of modern functional fitness. You can expect plenty of laughs along the way, but will also be challenged with body weight exercises, core bags, slam balls and much more.
Personal Trainer and qualified climbing instructor, Carly, explained why Climb Fit is the best of both worlds: “Climb Fit provides a total body workout. You’ll work your legs and arms on the awesome climbing walls, then (through the use of functional movement based exercise) you’ll work your muscles head to toe – including that all important core! Combined with the adrenaline of the climbs, you’ll raise your heart rate resulting in an improved cardiovascular performance”.
And it’s not just about the physical side of things. Climbing also has many mental health benefits, as it involves problem solving, hand eye co-ordination and judgement. Participants will build confidence, self esteem and enjoy the social setting that climbing offers helping to reduce stress levels.
Scared of heights? No worries; Carly wasn’t a great fan at the start either, but her climbing qualification has helped to overcome this fear and she’d love to help you do the same.
So why not give it a go? Climb fit sessions run Thursdays at 7.00pm. Call The Bridge on 01403 211311 to book your first session.

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