Brewhouse and Kitchen celebrate Veganuary!

Veganism is a hot topic right now and with the demand ever growing, many businesses are looking to incorporate it into their product range.

One company trailblazing this particular path is Brewhouse and Kitchen, in the summer they introduced 23 vegan and vegetarian dishes to their extensive menu, more than any other independent UK pub group.
For the past 6 months the company have been working non stop on trying to ensure that their pubs are more inclusive and have spent much of this time experimenting with different techniques and using different ingredients to make all of their beers suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.
To compliment this landmark achievement there will also be a vegan specials menu throughout January, allowing everyone the opportunity to try veganism for a month whilst sill enjoying the pub atmosphere they were looking for. When out with a group for food, it can often be the dietary requirements that lead to a difference of opinion on where best to eat, now that Brewhouse and Kitchen have expanded their options for you, the decision can be much easier.
Some people may be asking how can a beer be defined as vegan or vegetarian, I for one, had no idea but it turns out that many beers use a product called isinglass, a product from the fish farming industry, in the filtering process and in both stouts and porters milk is often used.
Kris Gumbrell, Co-Founder of Brewhouse & Kitchen says,
“Brewhouse & Kitchen’s message has always been one of inclusion and we pride ourselves on making all feel welcome. While we aren’t a vegan specialist brewpub, we believe that good beer should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of your dietary requirements. In order to open up the wonderful world of craft beer to more, the natural step was to ensure that our beers were all made vegan-friendly. It was a challenge ensuring that the great taste of Brewhouse & Kitchen’s beers remained just as good as ever but our commitment to ensuring everyone is welcome in our Brewhouse & Kitchen sites meant it was a challenge we were determined to overcome.”
If you want to try some of these new products head on over to Brewhouse and Kitchen, on East Street.

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