AWAL artist Mailman back with a bang in 2019

Sussex based artist Mailman’s third album S3ASON (season three) represents a significant departure from 2018’s MPG Award nominated double concept album ‘Yang Yin’.

It will be released as twelve singles, one for every month of 2019, with the album released on all formats in January 2020. The first single ‘When Is Enough’ comes out in all digital stores on 18th January with follow up single ‘Everybody Loves You’ scheduled for 15th February.

‘When Is Enough’ is a Brexit and Trump inspired pop polemic, a scream in to the political and cultural void in the hope that some decency and sanity will echo back.

Yet S3ASON is more pop album than agitprop, a collection of radio friendly songs exploring themes of mental health awareness, the fragility of human relationships and the importance of love and hope in an increasingly fragmented world.

The inspiration for the album, and the idea to release it as twelve singles, was Mailman’s desire to work quicker and have more immediacy as an artist than he’s had in the past.

“’Yang Yin’ took roughly three years to complete,” he says “It was a huge project, a deliberate indulgence that covered a lot of ground. With S3ASON, I wanted each song to stand up on its own and for it to be full of relevant short, sharp bursts that will hopefully also work as a long play album.”

The first four tracks can be found in this private playlist.

Having recently been taken on by leading label service provider AWAL (Artists Without a Label), he is cautiously optimistic about the new singles and album’s prospects in what he considers to be an oversaturated data driven industry landscape.

“As an independent artist with no backing or funding, it’s very hard to stand out from the crowd, especially now that streaming and social media stats are often deemed more important than talent or quality of output. But it’s not impossible.”

Despite its financial limitations, ‘Yang Yin’ was well received in music industry circles and was briefly in the running to be shortlisted in three 2019 MPG Awards up against the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Florence & The Machine and Tori Amos. It wasn’t shortlisted – not surprisingly, given the major label competition – but mastering engineer Mandy Parnell was shortlisted for her work throughout the year, including on ‘Yang Yin’. She is now on board to master S3ASON.

“This album is definitely the most challenging and exciting thing I’ve done to date. It’s only half finished currently and I’ve deliberately left gaps so I can incorporate topical responses as and when the muse takes me.”

Anyone keen to support the project can donate via paypal using the email address and follow Mailman via the links below:


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