Changes to bin collection dates over Christmas and New Year

2018/19 Christmas and New Year arrangements for rubbish and recycling collections have been announced by Horsham District Council.

Additional resources will be deployed to collect the blue-top bins, this has been organised to help residents cope with any extra Christmas packaging. These will take place between Monday 24th December and Tuesday 8th January inclusive. Collections of the brown-top bins that are normally due within these dates are suspended, resuming again on Tuesday 8th January.
The collection crews will be working additional Saturdays in order to catch up.
Please refer below for changes to the collections over the Christmas period:
Normal Collection Day                                                                   Revised Collection Day
Tuesday 25 December                                                                    Thursday 27 December
Wednesday 26 December                                                              Friday 28 December
Thursday 27 December                                                                   Saturday 29 December
Friday 28 December                                                                        Monday 31 January
Monday 31 December                                                                    Wednesday 2 January
Tuesday 1 January                                                                           Thursday 3 January
Wednesday 2 January                                                                     Friday 4 January
Thursday 3 January                                                                         Saturday 5 January
Friday 4 January                                                                              Monday 7 January
                      Garden waste collections resume
Monday 7 January                                                                           Tuesday 8 January
Tuesday 8 January                                                                           Wednesday 9 January
Wednesday 9 January                                                                     Thursday 10 January
Thursday 10 January                                                                       Friday 11 January
Friday 11 January                                                                             Saturday 12 January
All collections will be back to normal from Monday 14 January 2019.
Residents are reminded to return their bins to their property as soon as possible after collection to avoid blocking pavements or other public areas.
For full information, residents are asked to refer to their personalised collection calendar on the Horsham District Council website ( where there is also a new facility to subscribe for the calendar to be emailed to residents. Just follow the instructions once the calendar has been downloaded. Calendars are also available upon request by telephoning 01403 733144.
Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS) opening times:
Horsham (Hop Oast) and Billingshurst HWRS will be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
Wrapping paper
Foil or plastic wrapper cannot be recycled. Please remove any sellotape, ribbon or bows from paper wrapping paper before placing it in the blue-top recycling bin.
Christmas cards and tags
Cards and tags can be placed in your blue-top bin for recycling. Please remove any strings or ribbons.
Plastic pots, tubs and trays
Don’t forget that plastic pots tubs and trays can now be recycled. This includes sweet tubs, biscuit trays and even the plastic inserts of advent calendars! Just make sure it is all separated and clean and dry.
Christmas Trees
Artificial trees cannot be recycled however they can be disposed of at the local tip. Real Christmas trees can also be disposed of at the tip or be cut into pieces and placed in the brown-top garden waste bin
Please ensure all your recycling is kept Clean, Dry and Loose this festive season. Additional recycling or rubbish that is not contained within your bin cannot be taken.

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