Slimming World success voted Woman of the Year

Local woman Natalie Dunne recently celebrated being voted Woman of the Year at her Saturday morning Slimming World group, at St Leonards Church.

Natalie has lost an amazing 3 ½ stone since joining Slimming World. She explained: “I joined Slimming World, as my mum was joining and I did not want be the only overweight person in my family! More though, I also wanted to do it for myself and my family, and to change my way of eating. When I joined Slimming World I really loved their extra easy plan. I soon realised that it’s not a diet at all, and, in fact, all about healthy eating and a lifestyle change that has been beneficial to my whole family.

“My weight loss journey took a while, but you learn that its your journey, and it takes as long as you need it to. I was never judged, even  when I had gained some weight. I always received so much support from both groups I have attended . I think that what helped kept me on track was always staying to group, getting the support from the members and consultant, and sharing lots of ideas. It is amazing to watch other peoples’ journeys but of course I am so happy about my own! When I look back at pictures I can’t believe it was me and that I had got to that size, but now I love having photos taken!

“Getting voted by my group to be their Woman of the Year was amazing, and topped of a great few months after reaching my target earlier this year.

“Anyone thinking of joining Slimming World should just do it! Every group is so friendly, and I am now part of the Social team helping run the group, and I just enjoy seeing everyone each week. It really is like a group of friends meeting each week!”

Andy, Natalie’s consultant, is extremely proud of Natalie and her weight loss success: “Natalie was in the group I attended as a member, and is now part of my group, and has been so supportive of both my journey and now of our group! She is there every week to help our members and I really appreciate everything she does”.

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