National Lacemaking Day

National Lacemaking Day took place earlier this month. In light of this, local lacemaking groups have come together to highlight the skill and its benefits:

Lacemaking has a long history and can be dated back to the fifteenth century in Britain.  It was mainly a cottage industry, which began to die out due to the invention of machines which could produce lace on an industrial scale. Lace is now made as a hobby. It is a craft which has many aspects. It is both creative, therapeutic, and also has a social side. There is evidence too that it may help prevent dementia and be good for mental well-being in the form of mindfulness.  In this busy world, it is important to make time for pockets of quiet relaxing spaces, in order to recharge our batteries and have moments of stillness.

We live in an age where many items of decoration are made in factories and bought. To receive something handmade, which has taken time and skill to produce, is a real pleasure for the recipient.
If you are interested to learn more about lacemaking … why not visit a local group.

Martlets Lacemakers meet in Horsham on the second Saturday bi-monthly. Contact Brenda Lander 01903 763885 for more information, or see our web page:

Mid-Downs Lacemakers meet in Bolney on the first Saturday bi-monthly. Contact Yvonne Bee 01444 483682

Both groups have a newsletter, competitions, speakers, workshops, suppliers and can put you in touch with a lace tutor if you would like to learn this absorbing and beautiful craft.

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