Gifted Collyer’s students Tom Carter and Phil Davis have premiered their new film: Unforgettable, to rave reviews at the Capitol Theatre in Horsham. Unforgettable is a short film created by the students and is a story about two desperate people, of very different backgrounds, coming together at difficult stages of their lives.

Tom Carter explained: “We received the first draft of the script from Phil Davis back in early 2017. We then decided to hold auditions for our main actors in August 2017 after meeting with our producer, Jacob Thomas. Around this time we decided we would need some money to make it all happen, so started an indiegogo crowd funding page.

“In the end, Jacob Thomas and Paul Mayer were our producers. Phil Davis wrote the original screenplay for us to film and Ed Waller composed the soundtrack.”

Tom and Freddie have been friends since the age 4, and as their talents have blossomed, they have combined to become the perfect creative team, as Freddie is an aspiring actor/director and Tom is keen to work in cinematography.

Tom added: “I am considering film school, as I’m interested in the technical side of filmmaking (special effects, editing, and cinematography); I’m also considering computer science at university, as this relates to my interest in the technical side of things.”

The creative duo looked at a number of scripts and Phil Davis’ “Unforgettable” stood out from the rest. After they read through it on the school bus, they realised they had to create something on a big scale to do it justice, as they felt the story had a relevant and powerful message that unites people of all kinds.

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