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Tale of the tape for Loxwood Joust Knights

For many years Sir Thomas has defended the meadows of Loxwood and his joyous, kind and generous people against the advances of Sir Hector and Sir Kenneth.

Returning to the Loxwood Meadow once again on the 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th August, Sir Thomas is joined by Sir Luke, to Joust for his honour, lands and people.

Learn here of the four knights, their skills, daring and valour, and decide which you will support at this momentous jousting tournament.

Sir Thomas of Loxwood

Sir Thomas of Loxwood is a good and true knight, who is son of Queen Georgiana and brother to Princess Catherine.  His colours are red and yellow, and of his 224 tournaments, he has won 176 and never killed whilst jousting.

Many times has Sir Thomas has defended his lands and his people against the advances of Sir Hector and Sir Kenneth.  He has continued his training with Sir Luke, and is ready to prevail triumphant once again by applying the ways of the old knights and Sir Luke’s knowledge of his rival. With the full support of the Loxwood people, Sir Thomas is eager to once again prevent Sir Hector from throwing the Loxwood Lands into turmoil as he strikes back after last year’s defeat.

Sir Luke

Sir Luke is one of the most experienced knights alive today, with ancestry dating back to the legendary Camelot. He served the King for many years, and in times of great unrest, he was recognised for his prowess on a horse and aggressive fighting style, as he would always do what it took to win the fight.

Sir Luke left the wars and battles to find peace, until Sir Thomas asked that he once again help him defend his lands against the menace that is Sir Hector and the ruffian known as Sir Kenneth.

Sir Luke’s colours are blue with white and red crosses.  He has entered 3,456 tournaments, won 1,263 and killed 296 knights whilst jousting.

Sir Kenneth

Sir Kenneth is a berserker knight and an apprentice to Sir Hector. An aggressive Jouster and swordsman he will go for the kill rather than have his man yield.  Riding in his black and yellow colours, Sir Kenneth has slight regard for the rules of chivalry.  He has 218 tournaments under his belt, has killed 11 knights in jousting and has won 59 of his tournaments.

Sir Kenneth and Sir Hector share a hatred for the Loxwood Royal Family and have tried to depose Queen Georgiana several times. They often work as a team against a single knight and will try to fix the Joust’s results, which is well outside the rules!

Sir Hector

Dressed in black with crossed silver axes, Sir Hector is one of the most vicious, malicious and hated knights that has ever cheated his way to victory. Never popular, he has won 168 of his 440 tournaments and killed 41 knights.

Sir Hector lives up to all the stories about him.  He has a shameless disregard for the rules of chivalry,

station and decency; and keen to claim the lands of Loxwood as his own, the bad feeling between Sir Thomas and Sir Hector palpable.  He and Sir Luke are fierce competitors in the jousting arena, with every meeting resembling a clash of titans.

However, it now appears that Princess Catherine, daughter to the Queen and sister to Sir Thomas, has caught the eye of Sir Hector!

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