Sir Nicholas of Essex Visits Slinfold Primary School

With only a couple of weeks to go until the Loxwood Joust on the 4th, 5th, 11th & 12th August, Mediaeval Knight, Sir Nicholas of Essex and Lady Lucy, paid a visit to Slinfold Primary School to tell them about life as a mediaeval knight.

Armed with a selection of authentic mediaeval weapons, Sir Nicholas and Lady Lucy demonstrated some sword moves and explained some of the responsibilities that children had on the battlefield. The pupils were enthralled by the demonstrations and how the different pieces of a knight’s armour and weapons worked to both protect and help him.  

Captivated by the display of mediaeval weaponry, they were eager to get involved in the session and to act as squires to help the knight attach each piece of armour in the correct order.  Before holding some of the weapons, they learnt what the different swords were called and how they were used in battle along with the benefits or disadvantages of each weapon.

The pupils also found out that mediaeval children started training as squires at 7 or 8 years old, and that they all learned to dance as part of their training because the mediaeval dance steps originated from the steps required for sword fighting.   

Sir Nicholas of Essex said ‘It was great to see the children so interested and with so many questions.  The children were polite, well behaved and were very keen to participate and contribute in any way they could.’  

The Loxwood Joust is the UK’s premiere mediaeval fun day out, taking place at the enchanted Loxwood Meadow.  Step back in time and experience the verve and vigour of a world where lives were harsh and hearts were passionate at this unique, fun and educational day out for all the family!  

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