Beauty in the Mundane: A Photography Exhibition by Samantha Catchpole

“Beauty in the Mundane”, the debut photography exhibition by local Photographer Samantha Catchpole, will be exhibited at Horsham’s Capitol Theatre from next month and into September.

The exhibition aims to encourage people to enter a world full of hidden pictures, a world full of repeating patterns and overlooked details. Pictures found amongst the railings outside a building, in the patterns of the bars on a window or the beautiful dereliction of forgotten industry.

There will be a mixture of black and white and colour photographs that celebrate beauty in unexpected places, challenging you to see every day, and unloved, objects in a new light.

The pictures in the exhibition were taken in and around Horsham and West Sussex, as well as further afield, in places such as the North of Scotland and San Francisco.

Samantha Catchpole has lived in the Horsham area for 17 years. She currently works as a Technical Author and enjoys, as well as photography, an eclectic mix of hobbies, including morris dancing, weight training, pottery, and poetry. Samantha’s photographs have been featured on the cover of the Horsham Resident Magazine and the Shire Drop 4×4 club magazine. In addition, her photographs have been displayed in Tate Britain, as part of the 2005 Picture of Britain exhibition.
Samantha’s work can been viewed at The Capitol Theatre, from 6 August to 9 September 2018

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