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Trapped in a career you no longer enjoy?

By Eve Delves

Tom Wheelhouse, Founder of Horsham coaching business Mightify, has used his experience as a former Metropolitan Police Officer to develop a resettlement course designed specifically for personnel from all areas of the Emergency Services sector.


The 999 Resettlement Programme, launching summer 2018, will provide a stepping stone for emergency services personnel wishing to transition back to civilian life.


Resigning from the Police Force in 2013, on the face of it, with his rigorous training and exceptional skills, Tom was the perfect candidate for any private sector employer.  However, experiencing the negative effects of long-term, high-stakes stress and burnout, Tom was unable see it that way and instead thought himself unemployable.


When Tom realised his experience wasn’t a one-off, he’d turned his life around and was working successfully in the corporate world.  He heard from other ex-Police Officers who on exiting the Force felt held back by lack of confidence and self-esteem. Like him previously, they didn’t know where to turn with little knowledge of how to present themselves in a professional way to employers and with a limited view of private sector employment.


Armed Forces leavers have numerous avenues open to them in the forms of advice, support and grants.  There was and still is no such framework in place for those exiting the Police, Fire or NHS. Tom recognised his experience and expertise could be utilised to help others in the same or similar situations, and Mightify was born.


Mightify’s clients aren’t only from the emergency services sector, they’re from all areas of life and they all have individual needs.   Some desire to make personal or professional life changes and others simply want to improve their physical health and fitness.


Tom’s burning ambition however, lies in making a real difference to the lives of ES personnel and his knowledge and experience give him necessary credibility and a unique selling point in a very overcrowded personal development market.


As attrition rates continue to rise within the emergency services, Tom believes that there’s never been a better time to launch Mightify’s Frontline Fulfilment Programme, aimed at assisting ES personnel through what can be a difficult and overwhelming time.


The aim of the course is to enable awareness within each individual of their extraordinary training, experiences and first-rate skill-sets; to imbue them with confidence and equip them with practical tools for happy, fulfilling and successful lives.


The fully accredited, two-day course will run regularly, initially in Sussex and Surrey with a view to going nationwide, and combine attendance and distance learning modules.  Tom hopes to open doors to other higher learning or development pathways and is also keen to partner with employers who value the unique assets that such graduates can bring.


A summer schedule of local pop-up launch events is planned where Tom will team up with health, nutrition and business experts to showcase a taste of what the course will offer.  Some will be exclusive to serving and former ES personnel, however other events will be open to the general public, including one at The Rotary Club of Horsham’s Funday Sunday in Horsham Park on Sunday 8th July

Information on the 999 Resettlement Course and Mightify’s other programmes can be found at: as well as details of how to get in touch

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