Local running club support Medical Detection Dogs charity

Earlier this month, Mel’s Milers Running club presented the charity ‘Medical Detection Dogs’ with a cheque for £2905.65 at Bluecoats Leisure Centre, Christs Hospital. This was the money raised from their annual 10k race, held in March at Christs Hospital, as well as proceeds from a cake sale, and various raffles that took place during the past year.
Medical Detection Dogs train dogs to become either biodetection dogs (dogs that use their amazing sense of smell to detect human diseases such as cancer) or Medical Alert Assitance Dogs. Most of the trained Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are placed with people with type 1 diabetes.
Treacle (pictured) is one such Assitance Dog, who has been trained to detect minute changes in blood sugar levels. When these levels fall above or below ‘normal’ range, he will warn his owner by nudging her, tapping her with his paw, or making noises.
To train a dog to Treacle’s standard can take up to two years, and costs £11,000. Medical Detection Dogs rely solely on donations; More than 80% of received funds go to research and dog training. If you would like to donate to the charity, please visit:
Medical Detection Dogs are happy to give presentations to any small clubs or groups.

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