The Film Photography Exhibition by NEG35

The Film Photography Exhibition at Horsham Museum and Art Gallery will display the work of both Paul Holmes and Sarah Ash. Paul and Sarah, the founders of NEG35 Film Photography, are based in Crawley, West Sussex. They are film enthusiasts who like nothing more than going out and shooting film.
In this digital age, you might wonder ‘who shoots film anymore?’; however, it is making a surprising comeback with the younger generation, who are discovering it for the first time, and with the older generation, rediscovering old cameras that have been gathering dust in a long forgotten drawer.
Paul and Sarah aim to spread the joy of film through The NEG35 Society. The society hopes to bring together photographers of all ages, from all backgrounds (both hobbyist and professional), to explore a wide range of photography styles, and to express their creativity, and enjoy this voyage of rediscovery together.
Paul’s work covers many fields of interest, but has an emphasis on street photography and images of people going about their everyday lives. You will see photographs from his recent trip to China, along with more local images. Sarah expresses her inspiration via the medium of film, poetry, and multimedia, creating artwork with no digital intervention.

Both photographers use photographic film, and wet printing, to create stunning images with the aid of light sensitive paper, chemical processes, and passion. No digital enhancement or processing is used to produce the pictures you see – even the poems seen are printed using darkroom exposure overlays or occasionally, a typewriter.

In the exhibition, both artists will use additional text to explain their passion, inspiration, techniques. They also invite the public to watch a video on the darkroom developing processes used to create the final prints on display.

The Film Photography Exhibition will run from Saturday 12 May to Saturday 11 August 2018.

Horsham Museum & Art Gallery is open Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm, free admission.  For more information:

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