How local homeowners can save money on energy bills

air pressure testing

This week we spoke with local conservation and energy assessors Falcon Energy Ltd to learn top tips on how to save money on energy bills. The team are experts in reducing the amount of energy you use, and in turn, reducing costs.

Hicham Rhioui, director of Falcon Energy says, “We work with a lot of property developers and homeowners to bring costs down and it can be quite surprising how much energy homes can waste.”

In Sussex, you can opt for solar panels, which work all year round, but without making that investment, consider the following to run a more cost-effective home:

Reduce air leakage

Major causes of energy loss include air leaks and unnecessary drafts in a home. Air leaks mean more energy is needed to make a home the ideal temperature, which costs the bill payer more money. Using a process called air pressure testing, it’s possible to find air leaks and seal them, creating a more controlled airflow.

The additional bonus is that by reducing the use of heating, potential harmful CO2 emissions are also reduced.

Checks EPCs

For homeowners, you need to have an EPC for your property. This checks insulation, heating and renewable sources to give your home a rating from A-G. Newer homes tend to have better ratings than older properties and a bad rating can influence the resale value.

From April 2018 Landlords cannot rent or advertise a property that is below an E rating. Landlords with homes below an E energy use rating will have to carry out improvements to increase the rating by law. It is best to check your property before you want to sell or rent to ensure you are hitting the requirements.

Use less water

It may be surprising to learn that heating water is the second biggest expense for homes in the UK, averaging around 18% of your total utility bills. Reductions here can result in significant savings.

To control your water usage you can try to use less hot water or turn down the temperature on your water heater. At the same time, you can insulate your water heater so it retains more of its heat and wastes less energy.

Alternatively, if your water heater is wasting a lot of energy, upgrading to a newer, more efficient model may be the most effective course of action.

Assess surface temperatures

Invisible to the naked eye, there may be hidden inefficiencies in your home that can be detected through thermographic testing. This test can find issues with humidity levels, damp spots, roof damage and blockages in plumbing and drainage systems.
Once issues are discovered, it’s possible to find the best solutions to reduce loss of energy and create a plan to reduce your energy bills.

At a time when rising energy costs and economic uncertainty has us all tightening our purse strings, this is one way to make long term savings for your budget.

Falcon Energy Ltd, Unit J Foundry Close, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13, 01403 253439,

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