Horsham’s St George’s Day Parade sizzles in Spring sun

Photo credit Owen Duda

St George is the patron Saint of Scouting and, each year, Scouts mark the day in many ways. With fifty million male and female members in nearly every country of the world, that’s a lot of celebrating!

This hot and sunny Sunday saw two new changes to the way Horsham Scouts run their annual parade. Scouting is about being inclusive to everyone and, this year, a new Beaver in 5th/10 Horsham Scouts wanted to take part, but the pace needed to be a little slower so he could keep up. Between his leader, Oliver, the District Commissioner, and the band, the pace was slowed down to adjust the walking pace, and a chair was at the end for him to sit on during the service. Just those two little things meant that James (aged 7) took part in his first ever St George’s Day parade and his smile definitely made it worthwhile. At the end, James said he enjoyed taking part in his first parade.  His favourite part “was the band.” And the best bit about being a Beaver is “learning all the skills.” Especially “navigation”.

The other change was that Explorer’s (aged 14-18yrs old) led the parade of Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts, for the first time in Horsham Scouting history through the streets to the Carfax bandstand. Formed less than a year ago and already full, they represent the expanding membership and growing interest young people (and adults) have in joining and volunteering in Scouting.

Explorers aren’t a youth group, they’re part of the largest co-educational youth movement in the UK, with a clear set of shared values and development programme.

Wearing different scarfs from the groups they attended before ending up in Explorers, Titans presented an articulate and moving introduction about themselves and their Scouting journey to more than 1500 younger scouts, parents and other supporters of Scouting. They talked about where they’ve come from and what they do as Explorers. About how they have a voice in choosing their own activities, such as archery, navigating mountains, caving, and kayaking. Core skills that scouting offers access to everyone. Skills that help them ‘stand out’ to would be employers and university selectors – Who wouldn’t want that head start for a young person today?

But it’s not just for young people! If you are interested in developing the life skills of children and young people, and equipping them for the future, why not join the growing group of adult volunteers? To find out more, contact Peter Scofield, District Commissioner – Horsham Scouts by email:

Horsham District Scouts: “A big thank you goes to all those who attended the St George’s Day Parade today, children, young people and adults for making it such a great celebration of Scouting. Special thanks also goes to the Boom Tribe Community Band, Royal British Legion for their support and to Sainsbury’s for providing free bottled water.  Much needed in that heat!”

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