Churches in West Sussex asked to remember seafarers on Sea Sunday

The world’s oldest maritime welfare charity is asking churches in West Sussex to remember the world’s seafarers in a special service.

Congregations from around the world will take part in Sea Sunday services on July 8, in aid of Sailors’ Society.

Each year, the Christian charity, which celebrated its 200th birthday on March 18, asks churchgoers to pray and give thanks for the world’s 1.6m seafarers.

Stuart Rivers, Sailors’ Society’s CEO, said: “Whether they know it or not, the people of West Sussex rely upon seafarers.

“More than 90 per cent of everything we own comes by sea – our clothes, phones, cars – even the bricks that make up our homes.

“All of these goods are brought into the country by seafarers who risk extreme loneliness, dangerous storms and even piracy.

“Holding a Sea Sunday service for Sailors’ Society is a fantastic way of recognising the amazing work seafarers do.”

The charity has created a variety of resources for churches, which it has made available free to download at www.seasundayhero.org.

The resource pack includes a sermon outline, PowerPoint, videos, posters and Sunday School lesson plan and activities.

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