Timely improvements for Horsham bus passengers

New, real-time information displays have been installed at Horsham bus station, following comments from passengers.

The county council had received reports that sun glare on one of the former displays made it difficult to read. The replacement is a larger, daylight-readable, summary screen, listing all upcoming departures.

Five new, smaller displays (one at each departure bay) have also replaced old and redundant screens.

The installations cost a total of £25,000 and were funded through developer contributions (section 106 funding).

Bob Lanzer, Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure, said: “We always listen to feedback from the public and were pleased that, in this instance, we were able to make improvements.”

Operators use equipment that tracks the location of each bus, using the Global Positioning System (GPS). The location data is fed to West Sussex County Council’s Real Time Passenger Information system. The actual location of a bus is compared to where it is scheduled to be; the predicted time of arrival is calculated and this information is then shown on the displays.

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