New look installation for walk way in Horsham Town celebrates work of local young artist

With plans for the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019 now well underway, Horsham District Council has teamed up with a local artist, Katie Wells, to create a vibrant new look for the walk way linking Horsham Town Centre and Horsham Park.

Panels based on Katie’s hand painted artworks are being attached to the brickwork at either end of the underpass, between 20 and 22 March, requiring a temporary closure and re-routing of the footway.

The new panelling illustrates spring and summer time activities in the town and park, using a family of animal characters which are being referred to as ‘The Townies and The Parkies’.

A formal unveiling of the panels is being planned for mid-April when more details are set to be announced, about exciting plans involving the delightful animal charcters, over the coming months.

Katie Wells is a local illustrator living and working in Wisborough Green, West Sussex. She graduated from Bath Spa University with a degree in Graphic Communications. Previously, Katie studied at Collyer’s College in Horsham. Katie’s Inspiration often comes from the surrounding countryside of the South Downs national park. This is a great source of inspiration for her illustrations. Katie’s work often features woodland and farm animals usually dressed in little clothes, her illustrations are created using pen and watercolour.

Commenting on the new artistic treatment to the walk way, Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, Cllr Jonathan Chowen, said: “I am delighted that, as the district approaches its Year of Culture celebrations, we are reaching out and joining forces with local artistic talent to improve our town’s public realm and landscape in this way.

“Embracing and showcasing local talents is what the Year of Culture is all about, and we look forward to discovering and nurturing more hidden gems, and building on our home grown creative skills, giving them a platform to promote themselves and grow, as the Year of Culture unfolds.”

Cabinet Member for the Local Economy, Cllr Gordon Lindsay, added: “Developing our local culture is key to developing our local economy. It is vital to making our district more attractive to live in and visit, and will ultimately improve our tourism economy.

“This walk way is a significant link for visitors to our park, and potential shoppers to our town centre, and it is needs to be an attractive entrance to these facilities.”

Further designs have been commissioned by the Council, featuring autumn and winter scenes. These are set to replace the spring scenes in October.

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