‘Horsham Repair Cafe’ and ‘Hepworth Brewery’ nominated for national climate change award

A West Sussex project and local business were shortlisted for an award at Parliament for taking action to protect the things we love from climate change.

Representatives of Horsham Repair Cafe, and Hepworth Brewery, travelled to The City for the ‘Green Heart Hero Awards’ ceremony on Tuesday 13 March.

The Horsham Repair Cafe was nominated by Jeremy Quinn MP in the Community Inspiration category, in recognition of the work they have done in the local area to encourage people to upcycle or repair items, thus gaining new skills, saving money and reducing waste. There is also a refill station for laundry and cleaning products, which also helps visitors save money and reduce the number of plastic bottles used.

Shortly before the awards took place, Mr Quinn commented: “I was delighted to nominate the Horsham Repair Café and thrilled that it has been shortlisted. It is rooted in the local community to which it provides a great service, and is just one example of how small steps can together make a big difference.”

The awards – which range from accolades for green schools or business to sustainable sports projects – will be presented by high-profile figures such as, broadcaster Clive Anderson and historian Bettany Hughes as part of a campaign by The Climate Coalition.

Carrie Cort from the organisation said: “It is wonderful to receive recognition for all the hard work Jill, myself, the Horsham Quakers and all our wonderful volunteers are doing.

“Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge facing the world today and its effects are being felt all around the world.  The wealthy countries are the worst offenders, but it is the poorest who are worst affected. We have to all transition to lower carbon lifestyles as soon as possible for the sake of our children and all who we share this great planet with”.

The ‘Green Heart Hero Awards’ are the brainchild of The Climate Coalition – a group of more than 130 organisations representing over 15 million people ranging from groups such as the Women’s Institute and the Woodland Trust, trade unions such as Unison, and aid agencies such as CAFOD.

The awards are the culmination of events by The Coalition to ‘Show The Love’ and celebrate the things we love which are at risk from climate change – whether sports rained off or natural beauty spots damaged by increased flooding.

Clara Goldsmith from The Climate Coalition said: “It’s fantastic to see the work that groups such as Horsham Repair Cafe are doing to protect the things we love from climate change.

“The people who have been nominated are just normal people who decided that they wanted to make a difference and help change the world – and they have achieved extraordinary things.”

Hepworth Brewery,who have championed sustainability in the world of real ale, was nominated for the Most Sustainable Rural Innovation category in recognition of their innovative work, such as a home-made beer heat pump which has given an immediate 10-20% reduction in fuel bills. All of the brewery’s lights are low energy LEDs, and they are so proud of their solar panels that they have named a new beer ‘Solar’ in their honour!

Christie Price from the Brewery said of the nomination: “We have worked hard to make our brewery as green efficient as we could. Initially, we did so on principle but then we learnt that being green can also bring financial benefits and a top down green policy is inspiring to others: our staff have spontaneously worked out a water saving procedure, of which they are rightly proud.

“It will require bold strategies to tackle climate change and the question is not “shall we or shan’t we do something?” It is “how much can we do?”

Clara Goldsmith, Director of The Climate Coalition said: “It’s fantastic to see the work that companies such as Hepworth Brewery are doing to protect the things we love from climate change.

“We are really glad to have the chance to celebrate at Parliament the great work people across the country are doing.”

The Climate Coalition is holding events throughout the year for people to get involved with. Find out more at:

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