Promoting pavement protocol

Have you recently received a postcard reminding you to cut your garden hedge? Children from WAKOOS after-school club in Billingshurst recently designed postcards to remind residents of the importance of cutting back their hedges to allow full pavement access to pedestrians, pushchairs and wheelchair users.
Volunteers from Billingshurst Community Partnership delivered the postcards, where they saw hedges growing over pavements, as they felt many residents may not be aware that their front hedge was presenting a danger to pedestrians, who had to step out into the road to pass. A representative of the group stated: “in some areas where hedges are overgrown, parents are not always able to walk safely holding the hand of a younger child, and wheelchair users find some of the pavements very difficult or impossible to negotiate.
“Some residents may feel worried about cutting back a mature hedge into what appears to be dead wood but don’t worry. Gardening experts say that the vast majority of hedges, e.g. privet, beech, hazel, holly, pyracantha and laurel, will regenerate very quickly. The exception to this is Leylandii, which needs to be kept trimmed from the planting stage to ensure continuous bushy growth.
“Now is the ideal time to get on with this very important job, as the days are getting longer and birds are not yet starting to nest. So if you have received one of the colourful postcards – or even if you haven’t – now is the time to inspect your hedge and make sure it is cut right back to the original boundary of your garden. The walkers of Billingshurst will be very grateful to you!”

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