Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity praises Business Ambassador

Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity has recently praised local businessman Nasser, owner of Business Pulse, Horsham, who has been in partnership with the charity since September 2015: “He has been an invaluable advocate for us, providing us with great introductions to other businesses (some of whom are his clients and others whom he thinks we could and should be meeting). And through these contacts, we have gained a number of corporate champions.

“In addition, Nass has organised annual corporate networking days at the races for our benefit that have raised considerable funds for the Charity and is hosting another Race day at Goodwood for us in May 2018.”

Pilar Cloud, Executive Manager at DVLCC, said: ”Nass’ efforts for us behind the scenes have been significant. He is a fantastic champion for this charity. He understands the importance of charities and businesses working together (and in a plethora of different ways), and ensuring that we are able to share our story more widely.”

Nass said: “Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity is a wonderful charity and I am honoured to be have been asked to become a Business Ambassador. I am delighted to give my corporate support by organising a couple of events each year, including an annual race day to raise funds and networking opportunities for introductions to other businesses who may wish to partner with the Charity.”

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