Collyer’s students and teachers quiz top film-makers  

The next generation of directors recently focused on learning more about film making at the Duke of York’s Picture House Cinema in Brighton. The event, ‘Cosmat’, was supported by Brighton Film School and organised by Varndean College film teacher, Julian Bowker. Collyer’s students attended the event, with head of film Mark Ramey taking to the stage to interview Ben Wheatley.

The cinema was packed with 260 budding film-makers and teachers, who enjoyed quizzing directors Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard and Ben Wheatley. The audience were also treated to the stunning Forsyth and Pollard hybrid fiction/documentary Nick Cave feature “20,000 Days on Earth.”

The event started with a Q&A facilitated by Collyer’s head of Film, Mark Ramey. Mark interviewed film director Ben Wheatley about his journey into film-making, the creative process and his brilliant film “Sightseers”.

Directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard also took part in a fascinating script-to-screen discussion with students, led by Varndean’s Julian Bowker.

Head of Film Studies, Mark Ramey, said: “Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard and Ben Wheatley are revered film makers of exceptional talent and people who the students and their teachers hugely admire. It was an honour for me to interview Ben Wheatley. I was nervous, but as a huge fan, I had a wealth of background knowledge. The students also asked intelligent questions, demonstrating a genuine passion for film and the creative film-making process.

“Massive thanks to Varndean’s Julian Bowker for organising this superb event. It was great to work in collaboration with another leading college and their excellent film department. Our students will never forget this and neither will I!”

Picture (left to right): Collyer’s student Harry Carter; Julian Bowker (Varndean College Film Teacher and event organiser); Collyer’s Film teacher Stuart Andrews; Film Director Ben Wheatley, Mark Ramey (Head of Film at Collyer’s); Directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard; Collyer’s students Katrina Lazaro-Shaw, Sophie Muir and Tab Chestney-Harding.

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