Cabinet set to approve new Horsham Town Centre parking charges

This Thursday (25 January), at the Horsham District Council Cabinet Meeting, councillors will look to approve new Horsham Town Centre parking tariff charges for the 2018/19 financial year. They will also be asked to approve a new rural car park investment plan.

Additionally, cabinet members will consider the performance of the Annual Rural Parking Disc Scheme which was introduced in April 2017.

No blanket increase in tariff across all car parks is proposed. The objective is to increase prices, where there is a disparity in price compared to other locations and where demand currently outweighs availability.
It is expected that the proposed targeted tariff increases, in specific car parks, will generate an additional £150k annual income for the Council, which will help offset the significant reduction in Government grant.
Following the introduction of the Annual Rural Parking Disc Scheme, last April, it is planned to make a significant investment in rural car parks to improve layouts and where possible increase capacity. Cabinet Member for the Local Economy, Cllr Gordon Lindsay, explained: “By standardising parking prices across the town, we are looking to improve the spread of usage across all available car parks and reduce overuse in certain car parks.
“The proposed changes will also create a better price balance between the hourly, daily and annual costs for parking.
“Approving the rural car park improvement plan will allow us to progress with enhancements, to rural car parks, that we agreed when the Annual Parking Disc Scheme was introduced last year.”
For more information on the Council’s parking charges, please visit: .

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