Win a super guitar for Christmas !

Martin Read – Reporter

Many people dream of being able to play a musical instrument, but the opportunity is not always there – until now! Horsham based charity Music for ALL have guitars to donate to a deserving young person or adult, MfA Chief Executive Paul McManus – an established musician – telling the District Post: “I know how much a guitar has changed my life and I’d love to give others the same chance that I was lucky enough to have, to enable them to experience the joy of music making!” MfA are supported by the music industry and  dedicated to helping as many people as possible, of all age groups and social backgrounds, to get involved in the amazing world of music making, an essential part of the fabric of our lives. In some cases the charity can even help with tuition fees.                                                                                    Jools Holland is a patron of MfA, saying: “I am delighted to help Music for All to inspire more people to participate in music making, either for the first time or to return to playing after having lapsed – have a go!” Music making breaks down cultural barriers and provides a welcome balance to busy lives, improving wellbeing and promoting self expression. The charity was formed in 1996 and is run by and linked to some of the biggest names in the musical instrument industry. It is affiliated with the Music Industries Association – also based in Horsham’s Barttelot Road – which represents leading companies, including Yamaha, Roland, and Fender, in addition to music shops. Paul continues: “We provide many different types of instruments for individuals, groups and community projects and are always happy to accept any instruments no longer needed so that we can pass them on to worthy causes nationwide. Apart from guitars we’ve provided violins, keyboards and even a harp and the feedback received is truly heart-warming. Modern life can be stressful, so it’s special that we’ve been able to make a real difference.” MfA’s supporters include Gareth Malone, Al Murray and Rick Wakeman among many other well known names. How is it that MfA are able to offer guitars as prizes? Paul explains: “We’ve had a lucky windfall – the producers of a TV advert, where guitarists imitated Hank Marvin – contacted us and gave us the instruments used in their ad, and now we’d love to donate these to aspiring musicians in our district!” – the amusing advert can be viewed here –                                                                                 To be in with a golden, unique chance of winning a lovely guitar in time for Christmas all you have to do is to e mail Paul Mc Manus – – by 15th December (please put GUITAR FOR CHRISTMAS in the subject line) and state the following – your name and telephone number, the age of the hopeful recipient, whether that person is left or right handed, and, in no more than 100 words, say why you think he or she should be given a guitar. Good luck from everyone at MfA and the District Post!

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