West Sussex families win National Award

Horsham families are at the forefront of the fight against climate change and have been recognised with a National Award. Carrie Cort, her 9 year old son Adam and her Mother, Jean Francis went to collect the award for their family’s efforts at the P.E.A. Awards in London on Friday 13 October. These awards acknowledge green heroes from the UK and beyond.

The night honoured those who are dedicating their lives to ending the forces that are driving extinction – from deforestation abroad to over-consumption right here in the UK. The Awards recognise people who are taking matters into their own hands and providing inspiring alternatives to business as usual. They recognise people who are pioneering sustainable initiatives in the UK and beyond.

Carrie said: “We were humbled and honoured to have been given this award, we are not the greenest family in Britain, but as a family we are living, breathing and sleeping greener living. We are inspiring many people to follow us on our greening journey”. She continues “We can all make small changes which overall make a big difference”. Carrie says “By changing our energy supplier many years ago to 100% renewable clean energy and charging our electric car with that energy, we reduce our carbon footprint by about 50%”

Carrie, her family and lots of Horsham volunteers run an environmental awareness and education initiative called Sussex Green Living. It is an ever growing group of people, many parents with children who are helping the community to move towards a more sustainable future. These volunteers also run the new Horsham Repair Cafe, their greening efforts in Horsham continue with unstoppable momentum.

Jean Francis, Carrie’s Mother is one of the volunteers: “I remember ration books and gas masks, re-pairing and re-making therefore living green comes naturally. I am one of the clothing repairers at the Horsham Repair Cafe”. Jean Francis is also a OneSpirit Interfaith minister; she helps people create personal ceremonies and most importantly make environmentally friendly choices.

Following in his Mother’s footsteps, 9 year old Adam is claiming his second National Award of the year. In March, he won the Key Stage 2 poster category of WWF’s Earth Hour ‘The Future We Want’ competition. His winning entry, entitled the Climate Cartoon, depicted different images of environmental problems, from rainforest destruction to forest fires, with sustainable solutions alongside each.

Other winners included:

·         Claire Potter, Claire Potter Design (ARTS, sponsored by

·         Assim Ishaque, Envirup (ENERGY, sponsored by Octopus Energy)

·         Daniel Watson, SafetyNet Technologies (FOOD, sponsored Wyke Farms)

·         MacRebur, team (GREEN PIONEER, NATIONAL, sponsored by Weleda)

·         Shyamsunder Paliwal, Working for Eco Feminism (GREEN PIONEER, INTERNATIONAL, sponsored by Weleda)

·         Huw Davies, Triodos Bank (MONEY, sponsored by Mongoose Crowd)

·         Marcus te Rehorst, KorkAllee (NATURE, sponsored by Love Nature)

·         Thomas Klein, VeggieHotels (TRAVEL, TOURISM)

·         Simon Nash, Green Oil UK Ltd (TRAVEL, TOURISM)

·         Louise Pinchen – Vegan Festival UK (VEGAN, sponsored by Tideford Organics)

Carrie concluded: “We need to be making sustainable changes to our lives, as fast as we can and completely as we can, but we also all need to be taking as many people on the journey with us. We must inform, motivate and inspire everyone into change for the good of the planet and all who live on it”.

For more information about action you can take to help the environment, please visit: and

Or visit to see 22 actions against Climate Change.

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