Total War™ Lead Technical Artist offers careers guidance to Christ’s Hospital pupils

On 24 November CH was delighted to welcome Jodie Azhar from leading games studio, Creative Assembly, to talk to junior and senior pupils on careers in her industry. Jodie was named last year as one of BAFTA’s Breakthrough Brits for her work on Total War: WARHAMMER. She has also received several Women in Games UK Award nominations.
Jodie, an advocate for representation and diversity in games and one of the first Women in Games Ambassadors in the UK, is the Lead Technical Artist of the Total War™ team at the award-winning games development studio Creative Assembly, currently overseeing the Total War Technical Art Team. She specializes in using programming and maths to improve the visual look of games and develops tools used for generating digital art.
The talk was very popular and pupils’ commented:
“I thought the talk was invaluable, as new jobs are being created in the TECH industry all the time and we had the opportunity to hear about them.”
“As computer science is a male dominated area, it was exciting to see a female in this profession and hear about her career journey.”
“To learn how to produce a game design, character and reach an end goal in the gaming industry was fascinating.””
Helen-Claire Burt, Head of Careers at CH, said: “Jodie gave a fascinating talk on her career path and successes, and she gave comprehensive explanations on careers and jobs within the gaming industry. She finished by encouraging our pupils to start coding and gaming now, and to enter into some national competitions to give them a taste of this work. We were pleased to offer a careers talk on the TECH and Gaming Industry and thank Jodie for her time and expertise.”

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