Oldest Employee’s celebration at Westlake House

Edna is 87, has lived in Horsham all her life and works as a hostess at Westlake House, which she joined in 1995. Edna has worked with the residents (and their relatives) to ensure that their needs have been met over the past two decades. She works two days a week and helps to serve residents their morning drinks and snacks, stacks food trays and helps with food preparations in the kitchen. Prior to working at Westlake House, she worked in Boots the chemist on the high street.

Edna explained: “I like meeting people and, being here, I get to talk to a lot of residents and relatives. I like being occupied. I usually keep very busy, one way or another.

“The people working at Westlake House are very friendly and very welcoming. I just felt comfortable right from the start, and I think many other people have had that experience too. Nowadays, people tend to change jobs quite quickly, but if you enjoy what you do and are committed, then there’s no need to change. ‘I’ve never thought seriously about retiring. I started to work part-time at the age of 64.

After almost 22 years of continuous service at Westlake House in Horsham, the much-loved 87 year old admitted to the occasional ‘crazy moment’ when she thought about retiring, but ultimately dismissed the idea: ‘’what else would I do? I love my job, I love the people that I work with’’.

The General Manager at Westlake House said: “Edna is one of those people who was born to care for others. She has such a huge heart and is greatly loved by the individuals living in the care home. She is an inspiration to her colleagues and it is dedication like this that ensures our residents are provided with a happy place to live.”

Ryan McFee, Head Chef, photographed with Edna, said: ’’She loves working at the home and having contact with people and is a keen gardener too. It is a pleasure to work with Edna as she is so caring and informative- she always advises everyone how to do it the Barchester way. She is fantastic and a great team player.”

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