New Year, New Job? Act Now!

It’s been a long tough year at work and the finish line is now in sight… right?

For the privileged few, you may have an end of year bonus to look forward to or perhaps the thought of “that Christmas Party” is enough of a bonus to keep you there until the New Year!

If the thought of continuing in your existing role next year keeps you awake at night, because of the lack of opportunities to progress or a boss that simply doesn’t recognise the hard work you do (amongst a variety of possible other reasons), then no doubt you are already contemplating a move.

The majority of people who feel like this will undoubtedly wait until the New Year to start their job search, which is simply why you need to act now in order to beat the rush.

Searching for the “right” role can be challenging and slow, so you need to invest the appropriate amount of time now in order to effectively prepare your job search.

How is your CV looking? Where are you going to search? Which agencies are you going to engage with? How are you going to engage with them? Are there any companies you are wishing to specifically target? In what way are you going to approach them? When was your last interview? Do you know how to handle those tricky interview questions? How do you look like on social media? (trust me, employers will look!) What time have you set aside for attending interviews? Do you have the ability to negotiate the right offer? The list goes on.

Even if the competition has thought about all or some of the above, by the time they have done the prep work and the interview processes (yes processes – always good to have a variety of options on the go at any one time as drop-out rate is quite high) are underway, realistically, you will not be starting your next position until quarter 2 next year anyway (factoring in your notice period also).

So my advice is to start planning now, giving you that all important competitive advantage you will need to succeed in a traditionally busy time of year.

Should you need support getting yourself in a position of strength by having a CV that lifts you from the crowd or with any other aspect related to your job search, then I would be delighted to help.

I offer a comprehensive and personalised service which is completely tailored to suit you and your budget – working to a “pay as you feel” approach.

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