The Blair Years

A distinguished speaker, Lord Falconer, gave an evening lecture to senior pupils in the Theatre at Christ’s Hospital on 3 October. Lord Falconer, a barrister and QC, was the Lord Chancellor in Tony Blair’s government. The title of his talk was ‘The Blair Years: An Insider’s View’.

The talk was very well attended by the pupils who said it was ‘an absolute privilege’ to hear him speak.

18 year old Sophia Dixon-Cave, who is studying Geography, Maths and Theology and Philosophy having joined CH in the Sixth Form last year from Tanbridge House School, wrote about the lecture:
“Lord Falconer gave an insightful speech into the political situation at the time of Tony Blair’s success and more recent events too, comparing Mr Blair’s Labour with modern day parties and providing a fresh outlook on foreign affairs. He spoke about his personal experiences whilst in government, highlighting the important detail that we commonly overlook: leaders, even Presidents and Prime Ministers, are human too. Through this, Lord Falconer was able to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of different characters. We learnt about the party’s approach to Mr Blair and were offered an insight into the feeling of optimism upon his ascendency. The lecture even taught us about how mistakes can be made in politics, creating an awareness of the ways in which politicians can go from being so popular to losing a majority.
“During the Q&A, he was very open, taking time to answer every question thoroughly and honestly. This was true particularly of a question asked on populism, expressing his sincere views. He was also down to earth and very approachable at the session before the lecture, when some of us had the fantastic opportunity to speak to him individually. Personally, and on behalf of the School, I would like to say a massive thank you to Lord Falconer.”

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