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SWE 80th Exhibition returns to West Sussex

The Society of Wood Engravers returns to Kevis House Gallery in Petworth in November and December, showing its national touring exhibition with a brand new selection of prints. The show will run 11 November to 23 December.

Over one hundred wood engravings, woodcuts and linocuts, made by artists from the UK and around the world, showcase the wide range of effects and interpretations of which this art form is capable. Whether traditional or experimental in approach, these prints all have one thing in common; an astonishing level of virtuosity and intensity distilled into exquisitely rendered images.

Wood engraving prints are made by engraving the design in reverse on a block of end grain wood, traditionally boxwood. The block is then rolled with ink and printed onto paper. The cuts made in the wood therefore come out as white, and the rest is black. Wood engravers have been said to be “drawing with light”, with a white mark, rather than a black mark as in a picture made with a pencil, brush or pen.

Gallery co-director Richard Hodgson, commented: “Prices of wood engravings are surprisingly modest, for such detailed limited edition original prints, engraved and hand printed by the artists. With prices starting at as little as £50, we find that they are bought not only by collectors, but also as gifts. The pre-Christmas timing for this year’s show should be ideal.”

Pictures can be viewed on the gallery’s website.

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