Sainsbury’s on board to help reduce homelessness

A new retail coffee pack has been released at Sainsbury’s, Horsham where 100% of the profits goes back to reducing homelessness. Change Please, received National press attention and was featured last month on BBC News. Cemal Ezel, Change Please Founder, explained: “We are a Social Enterprise, in partnership with the Big Issue, that tackles homelessness through selling great coffee. We train people who are homeless to be baristas, paying the Living Wage, providing housing, a bank account and therapy support to lift people out of homelessness.”

Peter Bird, National Distribution Director of The Big Issue, commented: “Change Please is the fresh approach now required to help the homeless. Selling the Big Issue works well to provide people currently living on the streets with a way to help themselves work towards a better life, but there is a gap between that segment of homelessness and securing a regular job that needed a solution; Change Please provides that and will hopefully be the hand up that people need to work their way back in to society.”

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