Stormtroopers Invade The West Sussex Woodturners at Amberley Museum

The West Sussex Woodturners were somewhat surprised when they were joined by a Stormtrooper at their Kids craft activity day in Amberley Museum last Wednesday.

All was going to plan, with children delightedly woodturning their own mini-beasts, before finishing off their creations at the decorating tables when, unexpectedly, a Stormtrooper marched in with his prisoner, Caroline Jeffery, Amberley’s Education Officer.

With the Woodturners believing they had come under attack, all was made clear when the Star Wars character insisted that he too should try his hand at woodturning.

To the amazement of the many children who were making their mini-beasts, the Stormtrooper stood in place at the lathe to turn his own unique mini-beast from a galaxy far, far away.

Keith Greenfield, organiser of the Woodturners events at Amberley, said: “We host many kids’ days in the school holidays throughout the year, but this has got to have been one of the most unusual. The children love turning their own mini-beasts before decorating them and many come back time and time again over the year to create the different items for each themed event. Who knows – maybe the Stormtrooper will too…”

Proceedings were then delayed further as the special guest posed for photos with children, parents and West Sussex Woodturners, Keith Greenfield and Colin Willetts.

Delighted with his achievement, the Stormtrooper then remembered his duties and marched off to join forces with the six Daleks that were also invading Amberley Museum that day.

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