Parish Council pledges support to Dementia Action Alliance and Tree Charter

North Horsham Parish Council has pledged its support to Horsham District Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) and to the Tree Charter over the last couple of months.

By joining the DAA, the council has agreed to work towards achieving 7 outcomes. In brief, these are: Personal choice and control of influence over personal decisions; Services that are designed to support the needs of those with dementia; Support to promote independent living; Being informed of where to get information; Living in an enabling and supportive environment where those with dementia feel valued and understood; Having a sense of belonging and being valued as part of family, community and civic life; To recognize that research is delivering changes in how the disease can be managed and providing hope for the future.

North Horsham Parish Council has agreed an Action Plan to support the outcomes within the National Dementia Declaration as follows: Some staff and Councillors have been trained as Dementia Friends and they are encouraged to share their knowledge and techniques with others and lead by example; To recognize that those using the services and facilities provided by North Horsham Parish Council have diverse needs and to allow users the opportunity to take their time to communicate their needs; To provide clear user instructions/ directions; To take into consideration ways in which using the buildings could
be made easier to use for those with dementia and/or other needs when undertaking any necessary work to the buildings; To work with other organisations to promote information that would be of use to those with dementia and other needs; To use a variety of ways of engaging with the community to ensure that
as many residents as possible can become involved.

The challenges to delivering these outcomes are resources (especially time) and making people aware of the Parish Council’s commitment to being as inclusive as possible to all residents.

The Charter for Trees, Woods and People is due to be launched later this year, when it will set out a series of guidelines and principles on how our communities and trees can best benefit one another. Originally an initiative of the Woodland Trust, the development of the charter is a grassroots project which has gathered input and knowledge from the public and partner organisations as it has grown. The eventual principles of the Charter will be accessible in an online format and be engraved on Legacy Poles across the country.

North Horsham Parish has a wealth of trees and woodland, which the council recognises as important economic, cultural and community assets. Local trees serve as a rich habitat for the country’s wildlife and studies have shown that they improve feelings of wellbeing. The tree charter aims to reconnect people with their local environment and act to prevent losing trees and woodland.

The public are encouraged to support the project, by giving their full name* to say that they believe in the Tree Charter Principles: Thriving habitats for diverse species; Planting for the future, 3. Celebrating the cultural impact of trees; A thriving forestry sector that delivers for the UK; Better protection for important trees and woods; Enhancing new developments with trees; Understanding and using the health benefits of trees; Access to trees for everyone; Addressing threats to woods and trees through good management; Strengthening landscapes with woods and trees. *For every name collected a tree will be planted.

To find out more about this, or to give your name to be noted as supporting the Tree Charter Principles, please get in touch with the Clerk.

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