Wendy and Peter Pan at Christ’s Hospital

Peter Pan has been produced thousands of times throughout the years and is a well-known classic story by J.M Barrie. Could a cast of 80 11-14 year olds do the magical story justice? Yes, they did!

Director of the play, Zoe Munday, said: “This modern-day version of the story is a new adaptation by Ella Hickson entitled Wendy and Peter Pan; bringing Wendy more into our focus, rather than Peter Pan. Hickson presents Wendy as more adventurous, brave and as someone who won’t conform to the stereotypical female role portrayed in the original story.”

Zoe cast two sets of main characters; Jamira Nelson and Titus Dempsey performed on Thursday and Friday night, while Saturday’s performance saw Ella Perris and Tristan Berry as Wendy and Peter Pan, who are both new students to the School this year. Huge credit goes to both of them for an enchanting portrayal of the couple, as well as Hannah Chujor (Izzy Foster on Thursday and Friday night) for her modern and gutsy rendition of Tinkerbell.

Special mention also should go to Smee, played by Georgie Catt, who provided light entertainment throughout the play with her longing looks at Captain Hook. The ensemble also lit up the stage, being completely engaged, professional and in character at every moment of the play, from the Lost Boys being in the Home Underground, to the Pirates, led by Emmanuel Odujebe as a terrifying Captain Hook aboard their ship.

One character in particular seemed to steal the show – a character with no lines and who made an appearance on stage all of three or four times; The Crocodile, played by Tom Slater. The audience roared with laughter when, upon chasing Captain Hook, he took one look over his shoulder to the audience, as if to say “he’s such a drama queen”, and his subsequent appearances drew hysterics every time!

Of course, you cannot have the story of Peter Pan without flying and a highly creative solution was found. There was a beautiful moment, at the beginning of the play, where Peter Pan’s ‘eight’ shadows lifted him up in the air. Aided by sound and moving lights, this created the first of flying moments. The other moments were provided by a green screen animation, which showed Wendy and Peter on a cloud together, which provided some light amusement for the audience as Wendy stepped off the cloud and “flew” with the stars.

With more than 100 students and teachers involved in making the show happen, everyone’s hard work paid off and a completely magical junior production was once again delivered by Christ’s Hospital. Now there is exciting anticipation for the senior production, in December, of The Crucible and the junior production of The Lion King!

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