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Curtain raised at Collyer’s Art Class Exhibition

“Stunning work” on show at CAPITOL GALLERY

An exhibition of work by talented students from Collyer’s Adult Education (The Art Class) has been creating a huge amount of interest across the Horsham district. The theme for 2017 was based around theatre and began with designing props for a college production of ‘Into the Woods’.

Collyer’s Tutor, Helen Bolger, said: “A range of exciting pieces were created and influenced by initial skeletal drawings. Exploration continued on this theme throughout the year with collaborative pieces in filmstrips, ceramics, mixed media collages and large-scale portraits of film stars.”

The Students embraced each new media and continued to improve each year, both in ideas and intuitive use of media. The range of beautiful paintings, collage, ceramics and more were on display until July 2 at The Capitol Gallery in Horsham.

Helen added: “It was a pleasure to teach such a warm, friendly group of students. The work is of stunning quality and the group have proved to be very hard working and talented. All of us at Collyer’s are extremely proud of them.”

Work has been exhibited by: Sam Martin, Judith Heywood, Carole Duffy, Eve Richings; Sue Stooks, Nancy Garner, Paul Garner, Jana Bowhill; Alessia Taboga, Lisa Jacques, Fiona Morrison and Faye Lewis.

This year, Collyer’s Art Class student, Nancy Garner, has offered all proceeds of her work to go to a “Verity’s Heart Tumour” fundraising campaign – A 2 year old child with a rare cardiac tumour known as a Fibroma. (www.gofundme.com/veritys-rare-heart-tumour-surgery)

Photo Credit: Collyer’s Student Photographer, Owen Euda.

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