Animal Magic at Horsham Museum

A goat sits happily next to a Jack Russell, a hare takes a ride on a tortoise, and an owl perches proudly next to an unruffled chicken…  really, where could this ever happen, except in the craft gallery at Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum and Art Gallery! Horsham Museum is delighted to host the exhibition Animal Magic: pottery pets by Victoria Lovell which opened on 15 July 2017.

This summer promises to hold quite a menagerie of animals in the craft gallery; clay artist Victoria Lovell has been busy sculpting birds and animals of all species and breeds. Those of a certain age might remember the late Johnny Morris’s BBC programme, Animal Magic, where all the animals were given their own personalities, thanks to clever voiceovers. Victoria Lovell’s animals may not have actual voices – but, each and every one is individual, unique and has its own personality, thanks to her skilful technique of letting the clay ‘speak for itself’. Not one is cast from a mold, and Victoria uses a combination of stains, glaze and oxides to recreate the animal’s features – and should you fall in love with one of these wonderful ‘pottery pets’, be assured that they are frost-proof and therefore also suitable for your garden.

Not to be missed, Animal Magic: pottery pets by Victoria Lovell runs until 2 September 2017. Horsham Museum and Art Gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10-5pm. Free admission.

For further information, please contact Julie Poole, Assistant Curator

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