Horsham’s Candy Box – A very sweet experience

By Martin Read

Horsham’s Candy Box, the iconic newsagent, confectioner and tobacconists in the Carfax adjacent to the bandstand has been in business for 97 years and is as well patronised as ever. It is a proper shop, bijou and welcoming – a few steps delivering customers into the comfortable, reassuring world of ice creams, sweets, papers, magazines, soft drinks, takeaway sandwiches and rich smelling, loose pipe tobacco kept in jars on a shelf. Proprietor Howard Bayliss told the District Post: “We’ve got a fantastic location, right in the heart of the town, it’s such a lively place to be. We offer friendly, old fashioned service with a good range of products, we aim to do a bit of everything, and love being on first name terms with our many faithful regulars. And, because of our location, we get plenty of new visitors calling in, too, especially in the summer. It’s the people that make the shop so enjoyable!”                                                                                                The Candy Box is one of Horsham’s very best known shops, arguably the last traditional tobacconists in town (it also sells vaping materials), and, is one of Horsham’s last few remaining independent traders. The shop has discovered what customers appreciate and how they wish to be served! And, Howard and his valued team of five now provide a much appreciated new facility – an outdoor café in the shop forecourt – where coffee, tea, cold drinks and ice creams can be savoured while resting weary feet and watching more hurried people rush by.                                                                                        Howard, born and bred in Horsham, previously had a varied career, but after taking over the Candy Box four years ago, is now in his working heaven, saying: “It was great when the space became available outside the shop, allowing us to start providing drinks and ice creams – its lovely to see people enjoying an al fresco break in the sunshine. It’s an especially vibrant spot when the market comes on Thursdays and Saturdays and I’m very pleased for the town that Piries Place will be refurbished, that will inject even more life into Horsham’s town centre!” The Candy Box starts early – Howard is in situ by 6.45am to sort out the newspapers – and is open six full days a week, and on Sundays and Bank Holidays when special events are on in the Carfax. Long may Horsham’s very special Candy Box continue, and, it is a convenient place to pick up a copy of your weekly District Post from the stand by the front door!                                                                                                               The Candy Box, 21 Carfax, Horsham, RH12 1EB – Horsham 254174

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